Interview with 102 year old woman

In today’s fast paced society, we often are so focused on ourselves that we don’t take time to see how our family, friends, and grandparents are doing.   In an ever connected world, we become so ingrained with our day to day, that often weeks, months, or years can slip by.   For this reason, there was an interview conducted with a woman who we will refer to as “P” (name protected for privacy) to get her take on life.  It is always interesting to get the opinions, insight, and wisdom of the people who have seen much more then the rest of us.

Life Background on P: She was born in 1915 in New Jersey.  Her family’s first car was a model T. She has lived through 7 wars, experienced the roaring 20’s, and remembers when a penny got you a bag of candy. At 28 she met a handsome Italian man named Frank who worked with some “interesting” fellows.   They got married and his job brought them to Las Vegas in the 1950’s.  P was 35 at the time.  Frank ran casinos for those and P got a job at the Flamingo hotel.  During those years she met some very interesting people.  They never had children, but P adopted a daughter.  Frank passed on in 1981 and P spent time in a tiny retirement community with her 2 best friends.  She has outlived both of them. and still lives there today, by herself with some help from staff.  P’s grand daughter is helping with this interview

What is your daily routine?

Get up at 9 or 10 am, drink some coffee and eat toast or an egg. Watch the news, go outside sir on my porch, sometimes someone takes me out or they come visit me. More news or entertainment tonight or access Hollywood. Dinner and then my favorite, ice cream. Then I’ll doze off on my couch

What’s one thing we have today that you wish the world had earlier?

Medicine, I had a cousin who died of the common cold in the 1920’s. Something you can go to the grocery store for now could have saved him

In your opinion, what’s been the greatest breakthrough in technology?

I’d have to say probably computers, it’s the most frustrating though for an old girl like me. I don’t like having to do everything from a screen

What is something you believe will happen in the next few years that you want to see but don’t believe you will?

You know I’d love to have a car drive me around! Sure would be nice to see that

Tell us about a wild night in Vegas in the 50’s. Did you ever meet Dean, Sammy, or Frank?

I did and one night in Vegas I went to dinner with my husband, and met a really nice man named Bugsy [Bugsy Segel for reference] He bought me a whiskey sour, lit my cigarette and told Frank they didn’t make many gals like me.

You said you’ve met interesting and famous people while working in Vegas, who was your favorite and why?

My favorite was Sammy Davis, in those days he had to stay in the back of the casino, all the African American show liners did. Anyway he was still the nicest, most down to earth man

What do you still miss about Frank [husband] after all these years?

His aftershave, the way he’d rub his left foot against his right calf when he was falling asleep, the way he’d whistle off key or hum a song when he got up before me, the way he’d say my name when he was exasperated with me. A thousand little trivial things that you miss when the one you love isn’t here anymore

Do you recommend anything that I should do in my lifetime that you wish you had done?

I wish I could have had kids because if you don’t have anyone when your old it gets lonely. Luckily I adopted some and they treat me really good. Just live your life to the fullest dear. Don’t be afraid to do anything

Outside of technology, do you think the world is more or less the same as it was when you were younger? Meaning how people treat each other and politics?

No it’s different, people have changed. They’ve become harder and more cynical. Some things in politics have stayed the same though. For every food president we have there is four bad ones behind him!

What’s the one piece of knowledge or experience you’d like to pass on to the people reading this now and in the future?

Spend more time with those you love, take more photos, do more things. Memories are all we have when we are old.