Chilean Population Forced into Survival Mode

The recent events in Chile brings to light that while some enter survival game shows and go hunting for fun, there are others in the world who now have to apply those skills in a life or death situation. The 27th of February 2017 was a life changing day for the citizens of Santiago, the capital of Chile. The New York Times reports that the recent rain showers and storms caused massive landslides and that mud now contaminates the Maipo River. The possibility of getting stranded due to the debris and mud is high, which makes the situation even more dire. Things that used to cause anxiety and stress before the event may seem trivial when survival and rescue become the top priorities.

Drinking Water Is the First Priority

For those who are on their way hunting or have done some preparation for a trip of this nature, these things have a natural progression, but for those who are forced into survivor mode, it’s not always easy to keep a clear head. Not only is it important to stay calm and focused, it’s also important to apply the basics. Survival skills are vital in any disaster scenario, and the quest for locating drinking water is always at the forefront. After finding a water source, it’s important to build shelter and get the fire going. These three things can sustain a survivor for a few days. The hunt for food should follow soon in order to keep energy levels up. A knowledge of roots and berries will go a long way, as well as basic hunting and fishing skills.

Find Higher Ground for Rescue

Those who happen to be stranded without handy items such as flares, mirrors, flashlights, or electronic devices, can use other items around them to create a signal. A piece of brightly colored material on a stick provides a handy flag. For those who have the means to light a fire, higher ground is a good option. Those who don’t have higher ground can look for open patches or areas. Survivors need to ensure the fire is large enough to be seen, but small enough to manage. The area around the fire should be secured or fortified with sand and stones as a runaway fire will make matters far worse. A few small pieces of damp wood on a roaring fire will also cause excessive smoke, which can be seen from miles away.