Marijuana Millionaires Cash In On Post Election Stock Jump

According to a recent report on CNBC, the legalization of Marijuana could lead to a $120,000,000,000 per year industry in the U.S. alone! Many investors are jumping on to this trend in order to capitalize on this explosive industry. In addition, Colorado crossed the $1 billion threshold in annual marijuana sales. A new year is here and a new presidential administration for the cannabis industry to navigate.

Forbes recently interviewed Todd Hagopian on his recently returns on weed stocks. Todd started his fund in March, 2011 with returns that averaged 24.94% since then. This is a new bump compared =to the S&P 500’s 11.84% return over the same period. Todd goes on to say,

“Cannabis-based Biotech stocks will remain my third largest holding. I believe that buyers will emerge from the traditional companies, and these smaller players will be acquired. As I mentioned, I still have about 17% of my fund invested in this portion of the sector, and will increase that holding if the stocks we mentioned pull back from their highs.”

Services like Microcap Millionaires have been helping small investors get in on the action and produce returns up to 1400% or more! Navigating this industry can be tricky which is why it makes sense to go with a quality resource. There are many way to analyze a stock, but fundamental analysis is generally the most common. This will help you understand if a company is in good shape and its future potential, thus allowing you to determine if it’s a good place to put your money.

Six Predictions For The Marijuana Industry in 2017 – by Forbes

  1. Los Angeles Will Become The Marijuana Capital
  2. A Sports League Will Green Light Marijuana
  3. A Primetime Network Show With A Marijuana Theme
  4. An Increase In Interest For Synthetic CBD
  5. Growth of Craft Marijuana
  6. Recycling Marijuana Failures