Elon Musk is “boring”

Billionaire Elon Musk is taking things to a whole new level. In addition to building electric cars and launching rockets, he will now be digging tunnels.   Back in December he hinted at his intentions:

He also told Wired Magazine, “Better tunneling tech improves everything: road, subway, Hyperloop”.  However, now he is putting these ideas into action with “The Boring Company.”  Through other tweets he confirmed that digging will start across from Tesla’s HQ in California.   There will also be a route in Crenshaw along the 105 freeway which is about 5 minutes from LAX.

Being on Trump’s advisory committee may help Elon make this project a reality.  Trump want’s to spend on infrastructure and Musk wants to improve humanity.  The two are complementary.

Fortune Magazine had this to say, “It’s interesting that Musk has taken a more personal stake in this tunnel project than he ever did in his other big transit idea, the Hyperloop. Tunneling may certainly seem like a more low-key project for a man who already heads two huge, high-risk companies—but the reality is that transit-oriented tunnel projects are often much more challenging than just drilling a big hole.”

We will just have to wait and see where Elon starts digging next!