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Expert Advice for Mining Job Aspirants

Posted on 18 August 2013 by BetterTopic

Expert Advice for Mining Job Aspirants

The mining industry is continually booming and flourishing that’s why it is not a surprise that you see a lot of websites today offering tips and advice on how one can get a mining job or have a successful mining career. More often than not, though, many of the tips you will find contradict each other and can be very confusing. If you are looking to secure a spot in the mining industry, what you need is some expert advice, which is what this article is going to offer.

Tailor Fit Your Resume to the Company’s Needs

Let’s start with your CV. As much as possible, it should be professional looking, easy to read, and should stand out from the crowd. You can do this by putting yourself first in the shoes of the Recruitment Officer. Understand what the company is looking for and tailor your CV to meet their requirements. For instance, if they are looking for someone who can operate heavy machinery, only put information there that is relevant to the position.

Show That You Have a Long-Term Goal

Researching about the company you want to work for is crucial if you are to secure a mining job. The Recruitment Office would immediately find out if you have done your research or not just by listening to your answers. You don’t want to proceed with the interview knowing nothing about the company. In most cases, you will be asked what you know about the company and the job position, and what convinced you to apply for a job. If you reply with “I just want to grab the opportunity and take whatever job is available,” then don’t expect to get hired. Mining companies want workers with long-term goals, and this kind of answer will only show you are only using the opportunity as a stepping stone and don’t have self-discipline.

Experience is a Must

Sure, there are many companies today that offer entry-level positions to aspirants with little or no experience at all. However, you need to understand that the HR department probably receives hundreds of applications per day, and without any experience whatsoever, you might not be able to stand out from the rest of the guys who are trying to break into the industry. If this is the case with you, what you can do is gain some experience first by doing on and off work for smaller, local companies. The long hours, extreme conditions, and the fly-in, fly-out lifestyle – these will greatly help your application when you’re ready to apply for larger mining companies.

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Too often, people think that working in the mining industry is easy money. Sure, the salary is huge, but the way of getting it is absolutely not as easy as most people think. Before you decide to proceed, it would be ideal to sit down with your loved ones first and discuss with them the pros and cons of you having to work in the mines. According to statistics, the percentage of employees leaving the mining industry due to personal or family reasons is really huge. The working conditions in a mining site can be extreme, not to mention the fact that workers need to stay in the camp for three to four weeks straight, sometimes even longer. The hard work can be overlooked by most miners, but the fact that they are away from their family can sometimes be very difficult to bear. Before you send in your application, put this factor into consideration first.

About the Author: Howard Smith is a corporate consultant, focusing on fund administration, debt collection, and wealth management. He was also involved in the mining business

for quite some time in the past. He recommends MiningIQ, a leading online mining journal where you can get fresh news and information about the mining industry.

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