Doctor’s Recommend Chocolate

Doctors have some good news.  Swiss researchers have recommended that an everyday portion of dark chocolate (74% cocoa or higher) may help prevent heart disease.  The researchers found that anti-oxidants in the chocolate prevent the patient’s blood vessels from becoming too small.

This conclusion came after researchers tested a group of 20 volunteers.  The volunteers were smokers, but had no known health problems.  The volunteers were told not to eat any type of products rich in antioxidants (cabbage, green tea, apples, onions, etc.).  They were then given 40 grams of different types of chocolate.

The Swiss researchers then tested the volunteers with an echo-graph.  The results showed that chocolate (with a cocoa percentage of 74% or higher) significantly improved the patient’s blood flow.   In addition, other tests showed that the risk of having blood blockages and other accidents decreased by half.

The researchers did note that White or Milk chocolate did not achieve the same positive effects.  Dark chocolate contained the largest quantity of anti-oxidants for one gram compared to other products like green tea, forest fruits, and red wine.

Dark Chocolate is healthy if consumed in small portions.  However, it also contains fats and glucoses in high quantity.  If consumed excessively it can cause weight problems.

In order to reap the health benefits of dark chocolate it is recommended to adjust your portion based on your weight and the amount of physical activity you get each day.   People that are very active do not need to worry about the weight problems.  However, those that don’t (such as people that sit down all day in offices) should avoid consuming it in excess.